Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB006.1.11.013 Think Composting - dedication to the organic full circle Centre for development of the South-East planning region South-east region
CB006.1.11.022 Cross-border Partnership for Environmental Protection and Better Quality of Life (Waste EDU) Alliance of the Producers of Ecological Energy - BG (SPEE - BG) Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.11.038 Green building for common green future - GREEN Centre for Development of the East Planning Region East region
CB006.1.11.079 Green kindergartens for sustainable future (Green kindergartens) Public local institution for children - kindergarten DETSKA RADOST - Strumica South-east region
CB006.1.11.103 Joint investments in energy effectiveness Municipalty of Rila Kyustendil
CB006.1.11.105 To save the planet, to save the future – SAVE US! Foundation Euro Centre North-east region
CB006.1.11.114 Energy Efficient Lighting in the Region Blagoevgrad - Delchevo Municipality of Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.11.165 Joint integrated policy for low-carbon economy in cross-border region Association Center for medical herbs and berries Ambrozija East region
CB006.1.11.199 Energy Efficiency In Order to Achieve a Better Environment in Kindergartens Municipality of Sandanski Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.12.042 Common actions for flood prevention in the cross-border region Municipality of Rankovce North-east region
CB006.1.12.072 Construction of systems for prevention and early warning of floods Municipality of Valandovo South-east region
CB006.1.12.175 Protecting the population in the municipalities of Karbinci and Strumiani and prevention of flood damage Municipality of Karbinci East region
CB006.1.21.104 Building the bridge of tourism - blend of common heritage Municipality of Staro Nagoricane North-east region
CB006.1.21.164 Enhancing the tourism potential of the Municipalities of Kyustendil and Konche - a sustainable joint future Municipality of Kyustendil Kyustendil
CB006.1.21.166 Platform for cross-border festival tourism in the field of culture and traditions - FOLKLOR Municipality of Pehcevo East region
CB006.1.21.183 Affirmation of the natural and cultural values in the border region for better visibility and access Municipality of Gevgelija South-east region
CB006.1.21.191 Restoration of sites of historical and cultural significance and preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Belitsa and Makedonska Kamenica Cultural Information Centre “ROMANSA” - Makedonska Kamenica East region
CB006.1.21.193 Tourist Attraction Promotion in 3D - TAP 3D District Administration Kyustendil Kyustendil
CB006.1.22.020 Raising the competitiveness of regional tourism by supporting the development of rural and cultural tourism in the cross-border area of Bulgaria and Macedonia (RURAL REVIVAL) Association Center for development and promotion PROMO IDEA - Strumica, Macedonia South-east region
CB006.1.22.033 Digital Nature No Frontiers 21 Century Association Kyustendil
CB006.1.22.081 Belasitsa - The Mountain of the Active People Assosiation Mountaineering and Ecology Club Edelvajs South-east region
CB006.1.22.117 Cross-Border Fun Center Pirin Tourism Forum Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.22.122 Sustainable Tourism Development - Asset Cross-Border Cohesion and Prosperity Association In Focus Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.22.142 STEPS - Strengthening Tourist Entrepreneurship and Promotion of Services Association Youth Municipal Council Kyustendil
CB006.1.23.135 Promotion of rural and mountain tourism through the use of ICT, ISO consultations and Incentive travel method between Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Women's organization- Stip East region
CB006.1.23.196 Interregional Tourism through Cultures (ITC) International Initiatives for Cooperation Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.31.011 Start-up Academy Association of entrepreneurs Gotse Delchev region Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.31.015 Make your home production and hobby profitable Association for Humanitarian Activities Sinergy Stip East region
CB006.1.31.017 Integration of European healthcare standards and innovations on the way for development of cross-border health cluster Bulgarian Medical Association - Branch Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.31.018 Enhancing Youth Entrepreneurial and Employment Potential through Networking and Capacity Building (Start-Up Academy Bulgaria - Macedonia) Tourist Union Strumitsa South-east region