Common actions for flood prevention in the cross-border region

Project code:CB006.1.12.042
Project call:CB006.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:1.2 Prevention and mitigation of consequences of natural and man-caused disasters of cross-border dimension and impact
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:18
Project final contract amount:390745.79 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:17.10.2016
Project end date:16.04.2018
Project intervention field:087 Adaptation to climate change measures and prevention and management of climate related risks e.g. erosion, fires, flooding, storms and drought, including awareness raising, civil protection and disaster management systems and infrastructures
Project summary:

This project has proposed a way to deal with a common problem on the territory of the project partners - Rankovce Municipality and Bobov Dol Municipality, namely: frequent floods caused by the poor condition of the riverbeds of Goreshtitsa, Bobov Dol and Golem Dol, Rankovtse, which lead to problems and damages in the adjacent territories and to the population of the two municipalities. Under the project, investment measures have been implemented along the riverbeds in the two municipalities, developing a joint strategy and methodology for environmental protection and flood prevention and conducting information campaigns to raise awareness among children.

The main results of the project are:
- performed construction and installation works for correction of the riverbed Golem dol in the municipality of Rankovce - Phase 1 from km 0 + 000.00 to km 0 + 441.46, implemented measures to prevent the risk of floods and increase the security of the river infrastructure in case of floods in the municipality of Rankovce;
- completed construction and installation works on the banks of the river Goreshtitsa in Bobov Dol Municipality - cleaning of the riverbed, construction of retaining walls, implemented measures to prevent the risk of floods and increased flood safety in Bobov Dol Municipality;
- developed the trilingual joint methodology and Strategy for environmental protection and flood prevention (in English, Macedonian and Bulgarian) and conducted campaigns to raise awareness among children in schools in the municipalities of Rankovce and Bobov dol.      


The project ended successfully on 16.04.2018


Leading partner
Municipality of Rankovce
North-east region
Municipality of Bobov dol