Projects funded

Project code Project title Leading partner Project region
CB006.1.31.019 Improving competitiveness of SMEs of the CB region by fostering and promotion of non-technological innovations (INNOFOSTER) Associaiton Business Information and Consulting Center – Sandanski Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.31.021 Enhancing Business Capacity of the Organic Producers in the Cross-border Region BG-MK (EBC-OP-CBR) Association SAVREMIE Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.31.050 Creative Entrepreneurship Network Foundation for Development of Small and Medium Enterprises - Strumica South-east region
CB006.1.31.067 Cross Border Center For Support Of Roma Business L.I.D.E.R.- persons idea and actions for effective solutions Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.31.070 Innovative cooperation initiatives in cross border region (ICI) Bulgarian academy of sciences Outside eligible area - BG
CB006.1.31.083 FEMTERPRISE – Fostering the creation of social enterprises by strengthening the entrepreneurial potential of young women Association of Women Enterpreneurs Unikum-kos North-east region
CB006.1.31.097 Shared Entrepreneurship Environment for Creative Youth Foundation for Cultural and Intelectuall Development Optimist Blagoevgrad
CB006.1.31.111 emPOWERing marginalized communities through SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP NGO EVRO Kyustendil Kyustendil
CB006.1.31.115 Produce organic – package ecologically Association EGRI - Civil Centre for Sustainable Development North-east region
CB006.1.31.133 Cross-border Young Entrepreneur Center - CBYEC Center for development of the Third North-East planning region North-east region
CB006.1.31.146 Building international competitiveness of the textile companies in the cross border region MK-BG Textile Trade Assossiation- Textile cluster East region
CB006.1.31.158 Bulgarian – Macedonian Cross Border Cooperation for Capacity building for Competitiveness and Innovation Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) Outside eligible area - MK
CB006.1.31.190 Shift -> towards online and offline enterpreneurship community Association Center for Intercultural Dialogue North-east region
CB006.2.11.021 Identification and Monitoring of Contaminated Soils using innovative methodology (MCSoil) Cluster “Renewable Energy Sources” Blagoevgrad, Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.11.103 Capacity building on sustainable utilisation of ecosystem services by local communities in mountain regions Local Economic Development Agency -LEDA, Razlog Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.027 Climate friendly healthcare institutions Municipality of Gotse Delchev, Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.039 Construction of integrated system for detection and prevention of forest fires in Nevestino and Makedonska Kamenica Municipality of Nevestino Kyustendil
CB006.2.12.062 Joint actions for prevention and reduction of the consequences of disasters in the municipalities of Sandanski and Radovish Municipality of Sandanski, Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.067 Joint forest fire prevention actions in the cross-border region Municipality of Shtip East region
CB006.2.12.085 Establishment of a dialogue of care: our shared responsibility towards the future Foundation "12th Chair" Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.100 Effective prevention and mitigation of flooding consequences in the cross-border region Garmen – Bosilovo Municipality of Garmen Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.117 Volunteers across the border Municipality of Berovo East region
CB006.2.12.120 Saving Inhabitants of One Mountain Along Two Rivers Municipality of Strumyani, Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.122 Cross-Border Cooperation in Forest Fire Fighting Association of South Western Municipalities - Bulgaria Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.132 Protection of the local population from the municipalities Petrich and Strumica from natural and man-caused disasters Municipality of Petrich, Blagoevgrad Blagoevgrad
CB006.2.12.142 Applying of flood protection measures in the municipalities of Konce and Strumyani Municipality of Konce, South-east Region South-east region
CB006.2.21.072 Light from the past Center for development of the Third-Northeast planning region Kumanovo North-east region
CB006.2.21.108 Revival of timeless symbols of Dojran and Nevestino Municipality of Dojran, South-east Region South-east region
CB006.2.21.143 Preserving the spiritual sanctuaries - a sustainable tourism potential in Strumitsa and Kyustendil Municipality of Strumica, South-east Region South-east region
CB006.2.21.144 Common History and Culture - Bridge across borders Municipality of Kumanovo, North-east Region North-east region