Results from the Administrative compliance and eligibility check of the applications under the Second Call for project proposals


Тhe results from the first two evaluation phases of the applications, received in the framework of the Second call for project proposals under the Interreg-IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1. Preliminary session and verification of submitted proposals and 2. Administrative compliance and eligibility check) are approved by the Joint Monitoring Committee by Decision of 13th of August 2018. 119 out of the 162 submitted applications are proceeded to the next stage of the evaluation 3. Technical and quality assessment.


List of applications proceeded to Technical and quality assessment

List of applications rejected after the Administrative compliance and eligibility check


The applicants excluded from further evaluation will be officially informed (via the email address specified in Annex A3) for the exact reasons for rejection. In case of disagreement with the Joint Monitoring Committee’s decision, the Lead Partners may submit a complaint to the Managing Authority within 7 working days period after receipt of the letter.  


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