CANCELLATION OF A SERVICE TENDER PROCEDURE for “Organization of events under Interreg-IPA CBC Programmes 2014-2020, managed by Republic of Bulgaria”


CANCELLATION OF A SERVICE TENDER PROCEDURE for “Organization of events under Interreg-IPA CBC Programmes 2014-2020, managed by Republic of Bulgaria”




1.       Publication reference


2.       Date of publication


3.       Programme title

INTERREG - IPA CBC Programmes Bulgaria - Serbia, Bulgaria - the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria - Turkey

4.       Contracting authority

“Territorial Cooperation Management” Directorate within the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Republic of Bulgaria (“the Managing/Contracting Authority”)

5.       Reason for cancellation

The tender procedure is cancelled on the basis of point 2.6.13 of PRAG.

Given the continuing epidemiological situation in the Republic of Bulgaria and the partner countries alternative methods for holding events and meetings by digital technologies have been introduced in the period July-September 2020, the need to organize and conduct the events described in the Terms of Reference (item 4.2 of Annex II: Terms of Reference) is reduced until the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are lifted. In regards to the above, the activities cannot be performed in their entirety, as provided in the Terms of Reference. The total estimated value of the tender includes the price of these events, as they would be held in person, and at this stage there is no way to determine how much the price would be reduced.


Should a new tender procedure be launched for this project, a new contract notice will be published, unless the contracting authority awards the contract through a negotiated procedure – in which case only the award of the contract will be published.


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