Building infrastructure for sustainable development of tourism

Project code:CB006.1.21.207
Project call:CB006.1
Priority axis / Specific objective:2.1 Enhancing the tourism potential of the region through cooperation initiatives in better preservation and sustainable utilization of natural and cultural heritage
Type of project:Investment
Project duration in months:24
Project final contract amount:499026.38 €
Project EU co-financing rate:85.00 %
Project start date:17.10.2016
Project end date:16.10.2018
Project intervention field:075 Development and promotion of tourism services in or for SMEs
Project summary:

Activities under the project
This project is directly addressing one of the main challenges of the cross border region, tourism potential. The infrastructure improvements related to the wastewater plant in Berovo and the facilities in the Park St. Vrach in Sandanski were intended the region to become an attractive tourist location, whereas the needs that the project responded to were mostly related to the quality of life and the attractiveness of the border areas that, being a periphery, generally lacking available resources for development. The main goals of the project were two investments: water supply system in the tourist settlement “Berovo Lake” in Municipality of Berovo and reconstruction of two water localities in the park “St. Vrach” in Municipality of Sandanski.
The project’s purpose was achieved through implementation of the following activities:

- Seminars to present and discuss the tourist services in the border region;
- Development of a mobile application for Android, iPhone;
- Water supply system;
- Reconstruction of water sites in the “St. Vrach” town park in Sandanski;
- Information and publicity.

Project Result
The main project results were achieved with the construction of the water supply system on the tourist settlement Berovo Lake, as well as with the reconstructed and equipped facilities in St. Vrach Park, in Sandanski. The construction of the water supply system in Berovo envisaged adhesion, transportation, treatment and water storage by building a pump station, discharge pipeline, factory for processing of drinking water and reservoir. The reconstruction and modernization of the water sites in Sandanski, recovered the park landscape and contributed to the formation of a specific microclimate on the park territory that enriches the unique character of the air quality. The two objects has been finished and they got specific names „Rocky area with a waterfall, water cascade and water mirrors“ and „Water mirrors outside the dear house“. In addition, equipment for cleaning and maintenance of the park was installed. These attractions are visited by many tourists on a daily bases.
The realization of this project provided with generating knowledge for enhancement of the quality of tourism services and exchange of knowledge between the two border municipalities. Mobile application and a web site designed were included in the pop-up stands that were set in Berovo and Sandanski, and all of the activities were medium- covered. Seminars to generate ideas for improvement of tourism services, information and communication activities were held.


Leading partner
Municipality of Berovo
East region
Municipality of Sandanski